July 31, 2020 1 min read


Wellbeing from a point of energy and vitality is the number one priority for either the face or body. Quite often one’s intensions are for the higher good of wanting to maintain youthfulness.

It’s very unusual to find a person who will give attention to all three of these aspects: the connection between body, mind and vitality. Most often it’s their face, for some it’s weight, for some it’s their body and for others it their nails.

 However, wellbeing is about all three – Body, Mind and Vitality – and only when these three are given equality, can wellbeing be archived.

 Suggestions to aid with overall wellbeing:

 Power walking at least 30 minutes per day

 Stretch, strength and tone 

 Meditation for the mind

Sip water throughout the day

Get a good night’s sleep

Eat foods during their seasons


Make love

Chat with a true friend

Make new friendships

Learn something new that can be of benefit

Keep your promises to yourself

Do something kind for someone without a hidden agenda


Feel the fear and do it anyway

Appreciate your health

What you invest in your health in your twenties, you will withdraw in your thirties and so on

Vitality is key

Be mindful of gratitude