De-stress Bath & Shower Soap

After a long day, the De-stress Bath & Shower Soap is ideal to calm nervous tension and soothe the muscles. It is rich and creamy in texture, with a lush lather. The soap is a perfect way to reward your body, mind and soul. It is balanced to be natural for both women and men alike.

Key Benefits

  • Unisex
  • Relaxing
  • Refreshing

Active Key Ingredients

Aromatic cedarwood essential oil offers an array of benefits from its properties, which helps to relieve nervous tension and aid with stress-related disorders. Stress is ageing, not only for the body, but also the skin. Lemon is toning and is great for fighting infections; it is also a nutritious fruit, known for it being high in vitamins A, B and C.

It contains pure ingredients, with no added colours or scents and absolutely no palm oil.